maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2009


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Angelina and Madonna
Thu, Dec 24, 2009

Ok. I don’t know why people love to. misquote me but they do. So when I said “children have no say in the matter” with their pictures being taken I am talking about when psycho paparazzi who follow people around and take pictures of their little ones! It happens with me and Noah all the time! I hate it! It is unfair! The kids don’t chose that life but there is nothing we can do about it. I just think paps shouldn’t be allowed to photograph the kids!

I NEVER said ANYTHING about Madonna or Jolie doing a photo shoot with their kids! That isn’t taking them to the playground or for a walk and having a bunch of creepy men flash cameras in their face! Kids should be able to go out in to the world and enjoy it and really live in it. Those photographers take a lot away from their childhood! It is unfair and should not be allowed.
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Thu, Dec 17, 2009

So…. I just got stuck in traffic in front of a soccer field full of HOT irish soccer players! OH EM GEE! I looooooove Dublin!
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Sun, Dec 13, 2009

Last day in Paris, the most romantic, beautiful city in the whole wide world and it is snowing! Oh em gee! I feel extremely thankful! This has been such a wonderful trip. Thank you to all my fans who brought me here and thank you France for giving me so much love you are the best! Xoxo
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