lauantai 29. toukokuuta 2010

Down to earth

Tässä Can't be tamed levyn biisit:

2 uutta Mileyn youtube päivitystä, toinen koskien uutta Can't be tamed remixiä:

Toinen koskien Mileyn (+Brandi+Billy Ray+Tish) Meksikon matkaa:

Videon tekstissä Miley kertoo vielä lomastaan:

Hey guys! Before my big Euro promo trip Daddy, Brandi, Mommy, and I took a 3 day vacation to Cabo! We had a total blast! I got to cross of one of my 100 things to do before I die which was parasail with my sister! We also went jetskiing which is always great! We had an amazing trip! Looking forward to Portugal, Madrid, Paris, and London! Hope to see yall there! X M

Täällä vielä paparazzien ottamia lomakuvia.

Kuvia Brasiliasta Mileyn keikan soundcheckistä.

3 MiBlog päivitystä viime päiviltä:

Fan site!

Today I came across a fan site called and I just wanna personally thank these amazing people for all the time and effort they put into this page! It is very well updated and so beautifully done. There are so many sites out there that just wanna bring me down and its so great to have pages building me up and showing this massive amount of love and support! Thank you guys! Love, M!

Frank and Derol

So excited for Brandi! Her band Frank and Derol have so many cool shows lined up! I am so proud of her! If ya want you can check em out!
Fri 5/28th San Diego, CA at the Epicentre and 5/30 Anaheim, CA at Chain Reaction both with Windsor Drive and 6/13 Hollywood, CA at The Roxy with Drake Bell


Hey guys! Landed in Lisbon this morning and its soooo cool! I’m already having so much fun:) Make sure you check out my youtube account mcforrealzzz to see my new video that I put up. I made a little slide show from my family vacation is Cabo! Love ya! X M

Mäki voin sanoa, X M :D

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